Our Capabilities & Services

Tagline specialises in the building and construction of medium to large scale commercial, industrial and heavy industry projects throughout Australia.

Tagline provides experienced and highly trained personnel to offer clients the right solutions to satisfy their requirements. Tagline’s experience is focused through numerous core capabilities including construction and building, extension and upgrades, shutdown and maintenance, and risk management.

Tagline has an Unrestricted Open Builders Licence and has been certified with a Duns number for larger partners to inspect as required.  Tagline ensures the highest environmental and construction standards are met and is 100% committed to achieving the safest possible outcome for everyone involved.

Construction and building capabilities include:

 Construction of infrastructure in the mining, gas and energy sectors. From warehouses and workshops to conveyor lines and walkways.
Demolition of existing structures.
Civil construction works including retail buildings, resorts, hotels and motels, health, education, government and aged care facilities and general buildings.
Project and construction management includes the overall planning, coordination and control of the project from inception to completion.
Subcontractor management
Engineering of major projects
Rigging, dogging and crane work
General building and maintenance services including carpentry, electrical, plumbing and drainage, concreting, brick and block laying, tiling, plastering, painting, roofing and landscaping.

Tagline also specialise in the extension and upgrade of buildings. Tagline’s ‘can do’ attitude and experience across a number of services ensures that all jobs are completed on time, on budget and to the client specifications.

Extension and upgrade capabilities include:

The extension of buildings and structures
Addition of walkways and staircases
Upgrade of existing facilities
Earthworks and landscaping

Tagline’s shutdown and maintenance team is responsive and focused on turning around the work packs to meet customer requirements. Using a team of skilled trained people who will communicate with plant management and ensure the highest standard of safety, quality and production is met to minimise and improve plant downtime.

Shutdown and maintenance capabilities include:

Scoping and planning of work
Supervised work crews and subcontractors
Preventative maintenance
General maintenance and fixed plant works.
Safety and quality assurance
Crane work including rigging and dogging

Part of maintaining an incident‐free workplace is the implementation and design of specific risk management systems. Using the experience of all members of the workforce, Tagline has created a comprehensive plan of action, designed to minimise and prevent as far as possible any incidents.